PokerStars Joins the WPT TV Deal

PokerStars signed a deal with World Poker Tour to sponsor WPT's seventh Season broadcast in Germany, Canada, Italy and the Netherlands.

PokerStars will also contribute localized Spanish & Portuguese programs featuring commentators for specific countries in Latin America.The deal with PokerStars include a press release, exclusive in-show mention of PokerStars's gaming sites, and integration in all WPT Seventh Season episodes.

With PokerStars and FullTilt that already sponsor United States and Mexico shows, WPT have a complete coverage together with the biggest poker rooms online.

Both PokerStars and FullTilt have great advantage over other poker rooms since they accept U.S. players. PokerStars leverage it's power to gain more market share in non U.S. countries, and up until now with great success.

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