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At first, the fact that players could play against other players on the other side of the world and have hands automatically dealt to them seemed like a revolutionary experience but now the game is still looking for new ways to evolve further and offer a more realistic online poker experience. 

The latest innovative steps being taken by poker sites to make the gaming experience feel more realistic is to add a poker cam feature. This allows the player to link a webcam feed from their computer to their account. When the player then plays at these webcam tables they can play “face-to-face” with other players from around the world. 

Benefits of this new introduction to include players now being able to read each other’s tells. A long standing difference between online and live poker has been that where as live version of the game allows players to read the body language of their opponents to try and gauge what hand their opponent has, internet poker did not have this option and therefore players were left to analyse their opponents’ betting trends and the percentages of each card or hand being drawn. 

The 888 poker cam feature, which offers player live poker online option, will now add another dimension to the poker experience giving players the opportunity to take advantage of reading their opponents’ body language once again. It will also give the players a more realistic experience because they can now see the faces of their opponents as opposed to a picture or an avatar. This will increase the realism of interaction and it will also bring back the element of banter that has been lost to a certain extent on the online tables. It will also allow players to enjoy a bit of gamesmanship and verbal jousting which can often be used by players to put their opponents off. Daniel Negreanu is a well known advocate of using his verbal skills to put his opponents off their game. 

All in all, the introduction of 888.com poker cam is the next evolutionary step for online poker. The live poker online environment is one step closer to being a reality online and the 888poker cam is another step in the right direction to offering a more all rounded online gaming experience for poker players across the world.

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