Meet Writers

Meet the people who work day and night to create the great articles on the site. 

Susan Bare – Chief Editor

Susan is our chief editor and leading writer. She has the full responsibility on the site’s content and regularly writes in all sections of the site. 

Susan was a business consultant, working with some of the leading organizations in the world, until 3 years ago, when she decided that a career change was in order. As a gifted writer and a poker enthusiast she decided to combine her two passions and write about the poker world. She joined and has been a part of our team ever since.

“Writing about poker and online poker is exciting. There is always something interesting going on. And being able to deliver this exciting content to our readers is a privilege”.

You can contact Susan directly at : master at

Robert Harrison – Marketing Manager & Contributing Writer

Robert is an online gambling expert. He has been working in the online gambling industry for the past 7 years, holding senior positions for some of the leading gambling operators. Robert joined about two years ago and has been sharing his gambling expertise with the site’s readers ever since. You can find his articles in almost all sections of the site.

“Online gambling is my passion. I eat, breath and sleep online gambling. The only time I don’t think about it is when I am with my children”.

You can contact Robert directly at : marketing at

Jim Stone – Contributing Writer

Jim is our poker expert. He has been playing poker and writing about poker for years and is responsible for many of our poker tutorials. 

“The poker industry has evolved so much for the past few years. The online world has brought so many new opportunities for fans of the game. This is very exciting.”

Lilly Bernstein - Contributing Writer

Lilly has been a poker player for the past 30 years. She started out in friendly home games, went on to play Las Vegas and Atlantic City tables, and for the past few years has focused on online poker.

Lilly’s favorite poker games are Texas Hold’em and 7 Cards Stud, but she knows her way around all other poker games. She regularly plays online cash games but is also an active participant in the online tournaments scene. 

Lilly can be found playing in PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker, Titan Poker and other online poker rooms. As an online poker expert she has written some of our tutorials and online poker rooms reviews. She also follows, almost religiously on poker news and writes news articles for our site.

“I love poker. If it were up to me, I would be playing all day. Now, thanks to the internet I am slowly fulfilling my dream…”

Steven Road - Contributing Writer

Steve is our youngest writer and the newest addition to the team of writers. He has been writing for a few years, but started writing full time just a year ago. He has a passion for gambling, especially online poker and is gaining an increasing expertise on the subject. Steve writes many of our news items and also contributes to the site’s tournaments and articles sections.

“I have always known that I want to write full time. The past year has only ratified it”.

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