7 Card Stud Poker

7 Card Stud Poker is a popular variety of the Poker game. Along with Texas Hold ‘em and Omaha Hold'em it is one of the most played varieties of the game across the globe. In fact, until the Texas Hold ‘em boom of the early 21st century Seven Card Stud was the favorite Poker variant across the United States. 

The history of 7 Card Stud isn’t particularly clear. There are theories that it began in France, Germany and Persia. One thing that is known is that the first actual recorded game of this variety was in the early 20th century after 5 Card Stud had been introduced into America during the American Civil War. 

Its game is not too different to Texas Hold ‘em. You still need the best five card hand to win and you play against other people at the table. There are no community cards in Seven Cards Stud which makes it a more covert game with fewer clues available to depict what your opponent has. Some consider it to be a more skillful type of Poker. However, players do have more cards at their disposal. They just have to pick the best five card combination from their seven available cards. 

All of the major casinos have Seven Card Stud Poker available to play and it still remains one of the most popular types of Poker to people around the world. It was the game that helped give birth to the illustrious Texas Hold ‘em. However, it is still played frequently. Many professional Poker players play Seven Card Stud and it is used in the game of HORSE as well. It might be one of the oldest variants of Poker but it is certainly one of the longest surviving. 

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