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Poker is a very popular game and is played by many enthusiasts. The background of poker, the various types of poker games played across the world and the manner in which they are played are covered in this article. Poker is type of card game which is popular all over the world. The players bet on the value of the card combination with them and the bet is placed in a central pot.

There might be a conception that the name poker is derived from this receptacle. It is possible that the name of the game is derived from the Irish Poca (meaning pocket) or the French poque which descended from the German pochen (to brag as bluff). It is commonly taken to be that the game originated from the Renaissance game of primero and the French game brelan.The English game brag came about through the French game brelan. It incorporated bluffing. It is believed that all these games influenced the existence of poker as it is played now.

In the game of Poker, the winner is the player who holds the hand with the highest value following a hand ranking hierarchy. Alternatively the winner is one who remains in the hand after all the others have folded i.e., the player who makes an un-called bet. All the different types of pokers have a similar pattern of play but there are many variations. Hands may be formed depending on the type of game played using cards. There are concealed cards and community cards. In a casual poker game the right to deal a hand goes around among the players and it is pointed by a token. This is called a dealer button or buck. In a casino, the cards for each hand are handled by the house handler. The button is passed by the method of rotation clockwise among the players.

There are three commonly recognized types of poker. In the draw poker, the players get five or more cards. All the cards are hidden. The pattern is like five card draw. In stud poker too the players each get five cards. Some cards are kept face up one at a time and displayed to the other players at the table. In draw poker the entire hand of the player is hidden. In stuff poker part of the hand is visible. In the community card poker, community cards are combined with individually dealt cards and the community cards are dealt face up. They are shared by each and every one of the players. The game of poker is very popular with those who play cards regularly and is an important draw in casinos all over the world.

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