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Unlike many other casino games where luck is the deciding factor, the luck factor in poker and Texas Hold’em in particular, is minimized while mathematics, statistics and psychology play a dramatic role in the ruling of the game. That’s why it came as no surprise that last year’s WSOP winner was an accomplished mathematician and economist.

One of the major strategies used by professional poker players is the calculation of their winning odds in every hand. This calculation is based on the community card and their personal cards. Sounds simple enough? Well, it’s not. Especially for beginners, these calculations are doomed to fail and hinder the players chances to win. They take too long, make mistakes and neglect their game. But there's a solution: the poker odds calculator. This small but very important application makes the numbers work for you, by calculating the probabilities of poker faster, better and more efficiently than most players.

The best part is that poker calculators are very easy to use. Basically they are all very similar. You enter the data that is visible to you, community and personal cards, to the user interface. Soon your chances to win the hand will appear, usually in the form of a percentage and an indication of the strength of your hand. As the game progresses, you can enter the other cards that reveal to you and follow the course of the game and your chances to win with a few mouse clicks.

The biggest advantage of poker calculators is that they are on the most part reliable and do not make mistakes. Some of them, like the claculator, even integrate directly into the software of your favorite poker room. This makes your life even easier, because calculations are done automatically and you don’t have to do anything while playing.

Bear in Mind, however, that even the best poker calculator is not enough to make you a pro. There is much more to the game of poker. But it helps you upgrade your understanding of the game and is a valuable tool on your way up. You can get more focus on the processes at the table and improve your strategies. Some calculators will provide you with additional information that will help you recognize errors and advise you to get out of losing hands. In other words, a probability calculator improves your game and will probably keep your bankroll higher.

There is probably a calculator for every variant of poker, but the most popular are Texas Hold’em calculators. Since it is the most popular game of poker, the best calculators focus on it.

But beware: If it is a live poker game you are playing, you will have to do without your little helper - real casinos prohibit apps of any kind at the table.

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