The 5 Always and Nevers in Texas Holdem

Texas Hold'em Tips 

Texas Hold’em is a game that takes a matter of minutes to learn but a lifetime to master. The game is relatively easy to pick up and understand but there are so many different styles, strategies and approaches to adopt that it is a much more comprehensive game to fully get to grips with. 

We cannot turn you into a pro in one or two articles but we can try and provide you with some information that will help you upgrade your play. So here are the five things you want to do when playing Texas Holdem, in opposed to the 5 things you want to avoid if you want to increase your odds for winning this great game. Or in other words – the five Always and Nevers in Texas Holdem.


1.Know your Position

It is widely considered that the later you act in the hand the better. So being on the ‘button’ is the strongest position to be in. When you are on the ‘button’ you get to act last after the flop is dealt which enables you to see who has bet what before. When you are in the Blinds position you act first and everybody knows your act before they do. So always be aware that when you are on the ‘button’ that is when the best opportunity to arise will come, and it may not be as good when you are positioned in the Blinds.

2.Analyze the Opposition

Whether you’re playing online or offline, you need to always be wary of trends or consistencies within your opponent’s game as well as doing your best to disguise your own giveaways and traits. Make sure you study them intently during every hand. When it’s not your go watch your opponent and see how they react to see if you can pick up on any habits or weaknesses. It will even be worth scouting their strengths so you know what to watch out for.

3.Play Wisely when it Comes to the Turn and the River

It is a common mistake made by rookie poker players. They are one card short of a flush or a straight with the turn and river to go. So they think ¼ odds aren’t bad and go all gung ho to try and seal the deal. Then it all ends in tears when the card they wanted fails to materialize.

Don’t get sucked into the temptation bets. Play it safe and if you need one card to seal a hand then try to earn it as cheaply as possible. Only if you have a secure hand should you throw caution to the wind and take on a more aggressive attitude.

4.Play a Balanced Strategy

If players see a consistency in your strategy over a period of time they’ll start to pick up on how you play certain hands. Try to mix it up a bit and combine the aggressive approach with the conservative one.

5.Know the Poker Hand Rankings

Although you might say, hey, this tips is so obvious, why write it. We put this Always tips last even though it should come first. You can never excel in poker if you don’t know its hand rankings. So don’t even come close to the tables before you have known it forward and backwards. 


1.Let anyone see the flop for free

Too often in poker it is seen that players who are the big blind can just check and see the flop for free without betting. This immediately gives them a free shot at perhaps getting a lucky beat and even though they might have a 2 and a 5, maybe the flop will draw down a 2, 5, 6 combination. This makes that player a threat where as they might have been easily eliminated. If you are betting to see the flop then it’s worth betting that bit more to get an indication of what the players on the big and small blinds have.

2.Be afraid to swallow your pride and fold after the flop

Sometimes players can feel ‘pot committed’. It is a term used all too often and if a player bets big to have the right to see the flop they can sometimes feel that they need to keep betting because they’ve come so far. It is just best to cut the losses and galvanize for the next hand. your emotions

Even the slightest twinge of a facial muscle can give away your emotions. Poker is a form of psychological warfare where players will find any clue or any method to pin point a weakness in their opponent. If you can remain rigid and avoid giving away any tells then you can limit your opponents’ resources to work you out.

4.Go on a bluffing sequence

You opponents will pen you like an eagles pack. This brings us back to the “play a balanced strategy” tip. If you keep bluffing no one will believe your bluffs any more, and it will become more pathetic than strategic. So bluff but only in a ration that will confuse your opponents.

5.Talk about your hand

You are just giving free information to your opponents. The more they know about your hand the better chances they have to beat you.

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