Final results from the 2007 Irish Poker Open

The tournament's final heads-up match was between Roland De Wolfe and Marty Smyth. After long heads-up match Marty Smyth prevailed.

On the way to the final match, Smyth had knocked out Brian "The Fox" O'Keefe, while De Wolfe busted Thomas Finneran, Nicky Power, Daniel McHugh and Sorel Mizzi. Professional poker player Marty Smyth had a winning streak - winning £250,000 in a pre-Christmas tournament and €650,000 at Easter. Marty is one of the few players who are sponsored by Ladbrokes. He started playing at Ladbrokes six years ago with $500 in his account and by the end of that year he already had gone up to six figures. Final results from the 2007 Irish Poker Open:

Place Prize Player
1st €650,000 Marty Smyth
2nd €325,000 Roland De Wolfe
3rd €210,000 Sorel Mizzi
4th €175,000 Daniel McHugh
5th €130,000 Brian O'Keefe
6th €100,000 Nicky Power
7th €75,000 Thomas Finneran

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