Facebook Boycotts gambling ads

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One of the most popular games in Facebook is Zynga’s online poker. This Texas Holdem based application attracts more than 20 million monthly active users, who use Facebook to realize of their love of poker. 

The popularity of this social poker game comes as no surprise. Poke is a social game. Its’ social nature makes it the perfect application for the social network instrument. 

This, however, did not influence Facebook when they announced their decision to boycott any advertising related to poker., or in other words: “gambling, including without limitation, any online casino, sports books, bingo or poker”. 

Facebook’s advertising boycott also includes other subjects, which are considered by the social networking giant as immoral. Boycott subjects include: spy cameras, firearms, tobacco, uncertified pharmaceuticals, inflammatory religious content, pyramid schemes, nudity etc. 

This move is intended to keep Facebook’s image as clean as possible, by avoiding any content which may stir controversy and attract any criticism about the company. 

Facebook is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to online advertising. The social networking site includes millions of users, and its user base just keeps growing and growing. The size of its user base, along with the data, provided by its users, makes it one of the best advertising tools available online.

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