Police Arrests 3 Suspects for EPT Robbery

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An intensive investigation and pursuit for the four robbers who entered The Grand Hyatt Hotel in Berlin, holding a Machete and a rifle, and ran off with € 240,000 from the prize pool of the European Poker Tour, paid off. It seems that the police have finally managed to capture three of the four alleged robbers, and the fourth is to join soon.

All robbers are of Arabic origins. They are all in their early twenties and have had a thick record of violent, illegal activity, some served time in jail.

The first to be captured was 21 years old Vedat S. who simply turned himself in to the police. He then gave the authorities full information about the robbery and his 3 accomplices. The information has lead so far to the capture of two additional robbers.

20 years old Ahmad el-Awayti was arrested in a routine check of his ID in a train station.

The third detainee is 20 years old Mustafa Ucarkus. He turned himself in, with the help of his attorney and was arrested upon his return to Berlin in Tegel airport. Ucarkus fled Berlin soon after the heist, but returned after the German police issued an international arrest warrant in his name.

Fourth suspect, 19 years old Jihad Chetwie is still in the run, and is rumored to be in Lebanon, and in touch with police investigators.

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