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Full Tilt Poker, the second largest online poker room in the world, has been under a legal turmoil in the last few days. The leading site, one of the leading poker rooms, still accepting American players has been the target of two different legal procedures.

The first one, as a recent report in the Financial Times reveals is a grand jury investigation, focused on money laundering accusations.

Chris Ferguson and Howard Lederer, of Full Tilt and famous professional poker players in their own right, are likely to come under scrutiny as part of the federal investigation.

The second one is a lawsuit that has been filed against Full Tilt in the state of Kentucky. This case has been filed to reclaim cash that the residents of Kentucky lost on the online gambling portal. The state wants the site to refund the money lost on the portal by residents living within the state of Kentucky between March 25, 2005 and September 25, 2009. According to the case report, Full Tilt conducted tortuous acts inside state lines.

The case has evoked a lot of reaction from online Poker enthusiasts and online Poker forums are rife with discussions on the future of Full Tilt. Most people feel that the cases against Full Tilt are not necessarily driven by a misconduct of the site itself, rather from an anti online gambling policy of the law enforcement authorities in the US. It is the hope of all online gambling supporters, however, that this attack against the site does not, in fact, mark the end of online gambling in the US.  

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