Security issues at Absolute Poker and Ultimate Bet

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Ultimate Bet and Absolute Poker, the famous poker rooms, have some severe security issues that might affect players in their sites. This is not the first time that the two sites which together constitute the Cereus Poker network, have encountered such security problems.

Security issue was revealed when a poker ranking site has managed to hack the two sites, infiltrate players’ accounts and view their hole cards during a real time play.

It is assumed that the security issue is a result of a problematic encryption used in the two sites. Unlike most sites which use a standard SSL encryption, Ultimate Bet and Absolute Poker use a different Encryption system based on XOR, which is weaker and easier to hack.

Paul Leggett, COO for Cereus network responded to the alarming news by saying he was deeply ashamed with the security breach, and promised to immediately find new security resources to upgrade the Cereus Network security and make sure the two sites provide their players with the best security available in the market.

This is not the first security scandal to occur in Ultimate Bet. In 2008, individuals who had been previously employed in Ultimate Bet have set up several accounts in the poker site and used them to cheat other players. The case was investigated by the Kahnawake Gaming Association, UB’s regulatory commission, that determined that UB and its parent company was not aware of the deficiencies in the control system until after the cheating activity has started and decided not to revoke the site’s license.

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