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Ipad and iphone users have the richest application pool in the mobile devices industry. You can do almost anything using their applications. You can play a guitar or a piano, manage your financials or drive a virtual car. You name it; they have probably developed it.

But until just one day ago there was one thing that we, online gaming fans were badly missing – a real money online poker room. Since Apple banned real money poker from its App store, no such application was available for online gambling fans, preventing them from enjoying the game, millions now play online.

Then came into the picture. The site offers iphone and ipad users not a poker application but a browser based access to a real money poker room, allowing them to play real money poker.

Now, avid players may be slightly disappointed by the variety of games available on the site. The site currently still lacks sit-n-gos, multi table tournaments, head ups and full ring games and other, basic features. But Conor McCarty, founder of the site promises these features will be available in the future, when the site develops further.

In honor of its launch Switch Poker now offers his first 250 players a free €10 bonus in chips. To claim your bonus all you have to do is use the bonus code 10free4me. You don’t have to deposit money to enjoy this bonus, but if you want to withdraw your winnings you must play 50 ranked hands until October 11.

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