Harry Reid Online Gambling Bill Rejected

It was recently revealed that Nevada State Senator Harry Reid was pushing through an Online Gambling Bill that will restore rights to American citizens to gamble and play poker online. These rights were initially revoked by the Republican led Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) Law of 2006 but the Democrats are attempting to push through this new bill instigated by Senator Harry Reid before the ‘lame duck Congress’ period closes in the New Year.

Unfortunately, luck was not on online poker fans side. Senator Harry Reid has had his bill rejected both as a stand alone bill and as a section attached to another bill. Republicans who used the same tactics 4 years ago to pass the UIGEA Law suddenly found themselves perhaps guilty of hypocrisy by claiming this was not in the best interests of the American people with Senators Spencer Bacchus and Jon Kyl claiming Senator Reid was only pushing this bill through to satisfy his financial backers back in Nevada.

It was always transparent that Senator Reid received huge financial support from those involved in the big gambling industry that supplies so much income to the Nevada State funds. It is also quite clear to see that Senator Reid was pushing this bill to appease the very same supporters. However, the disappointment is in the fact that despite the undertones and sub-conversations going on during this ‘lame duck Congress’ session, it is essentially in America’s best interests to pass a bill to re-introduce lawful, legislated and licensed online gambling. 

An official rejection of the bill being passed before the new Republican majority Congress settles in come the New Year is yet to appear but many quarters are stating it would take a Christmas miracle to see Senator Harry Reid’s vision become a reality. Whether Senator Reid’s intentions for pushing the bill are genuinely honest or not, the online gambling world and American online poker players needs this right now. This news of failure is news that the online gambling world, and in particular the online poker world, could have done without. 

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