New Jersey - the First State to Legalize online Gambling

On the 10th January, 2011, history was made as the New Jersey Congress officially passed the Intrastate Internet Gambling Bill, instigated by Senator Raymond Lesniak back in November last year, which paves the way for companies based in New Jersey to set up internet versions of their casino games including poker, roulette and other gambling ventures.

It is believed that not only is this a huge step forward for online gambling and online poker in America but it is also a great boost for the New Jersey economy. Reports suggest that the bill could provide revenue for the state’s economy as high as $100 million as well as creating new jobs. Atlantic City is where the benefits will mostly be seen as many crave to see this once fine resort revived to its former glory and some even believe it could soon rival Las Vegas as an extravagant gambling and entertainment destination. The state’s poker players would be able to play online provided the company is an Atlantic City land based company.

However, there are still some who believe that this bill faces its toughest challenge in its final hurdle. The state has passed it, but it now lies in the hands of Governor Chris Christie. The Republican is not the biggest supporter of the bill but it is hoped the benefits will outweigh the disadvantages.

Despite it not being confirmed, the news of this bill being passed this week was a fantastic piece of news after a sour ending to 2010 with Senator Harry Reid’s Online Gambling Bill was rejected and the Republican led Congress coming into power seemingly against abolishing the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006.

The most attractive prospect of Senator Lesniak’s bill is not only the immediate positive impact it will have on gambling and poker but the collateral effects on the industry, which are potentially revolutionary. The economy will be much better off and the gambling industry will have a precedent to work with that could ensure online gambling and poker becomes legalized across the board in America. The nation is in ascendancy with its support for similar bills to be passed in other states. If Governor Christie approves this bill, the face of the gambling industry in America may have a boost that will change its path.

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