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Poker is one of the most popular recreational activities in the world. As a profession it generates millions of dollars in revenue and prize money. It attracts millions of players to tables both in real life casinos and online gaming sites all across the world. In many countries around the world, there are millions of house holds where friends and relatives are getting together and organizing poker games between themselves.

PokerStars has now released a new software program which enables players to set up their own private tables and clubs between themselves and their real life friends. It will give players the opportunity to host tournaments and games of a size they might not be able to in their own homes with up to 50 players allowed to join one club.

To start a poker club the player must set up a new club through the Home Games page in the Poker Stars lobby. Or players can join an existing club. It is really simple and Poker Stars hope it will encourage more people to use their software as a host for poker games rather than the players having to host the games themselves.

The advantages of the software now mean that players who might usually host a tournament or a game can do so more efficiently. Players can interact online. The software will sort out the dealing side of things and also control the blind changes rather than the host and players having to keep track. The money aspect will also be more controlled. In a live private game there is always the risk that someone will try to pull a fast one. Such dirty tricks are eliminated using the site. It is mainly about convenience and efficiency. Rather than organizing what can sometimes feel like a military operation, the host can just use PokerStars to set up a table or a tournament and then send out the invites online. There is no worry about people getting transport or accommodation to attend the game. It will also allow friends who no longer live together or near each other to re-ignite a poker game or tournament that they once had.

The software will be free to use and the games organized will have the usual payment structure with a cut going to PokerStars and the rest going to the table. This is an innovative step by the site to make the game more accessible and appealing to more people. This move could go a long way to revolutionizing how people play poker both in real life and online. 

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