WSOP 2012


From May 27th to July 7th, the whole world is infected with the great poker fever: The World Series of Poker 2012 is in full swing. And what a tournament it is! Tournament Director Jack Effel called the WSOP 2012 as "The greatest tournament of all time” and by now it is quite clear that this statement is true.

This year is a significant upswing over the past few years. The Black Friday seems to be over and the poker pros have their trust in the sport and the scene. The total prize money of all events for this year is expected to exceed 200 million dollars, the number of gaming tables was increased to 500 - over than 90 tables more than last year. It seems like the poker boom is here again.

All in all the WSOP 2012 will include 61 events - including some very unusual ones, such as a $ 1,500 ante only, a $ 2,500 4-Max and of course the $ 1,000,000 BIG ONE for ONE DROP event. But the climax has always been, and remains, of course, the World Series of Poker Main Event - the $ 10,000 No Limit Hold'em WSOP Championship, which this year begins on July 7th. This year’s main event final table, The November Nine was actually moved from November nine to October nine because of the presidential election, taking place at the end of October.

Another great change this year - the Hevad Khan rule, which prohibited Excessive or inappropriate behavior during the games, has been relaxed. The players can now go back to their loud speech and open expressions of joy and it seems that both the audience and the players are happy with this change.

New rules, new events, new tables and games, the WSOP 2012 is showing up in a new glamor and confirms what we have known for many years -  The World Series of Poker is the biggest, best poker tournament in the world.

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