John Dolan

John Dolan

24 years old John Dolan was born in New Jersey, but bred in Bonita Springs, Florida, where he still resides today. He started his poker education during his high school years and enforced his skills while studying at Florida State University. His decision to start playing poker before he graduated did not go down well with his family and it was a rocky road before he started making major progress in 2007. 

2009 saw him cashing up in events such as the World Series of Poker, Gulf Coast Poker Championship and the Winter Bayou Poker Challenge. By then his total cash winnings exceed $200,000 which was no mean feat by anyone’s books. He has earned the respect of so many of his peers at such a young age and he really is an exciting prospect. 

But his major career break came in 2010 when he managed to enter the final table of the most prestigious event of them all – the 2010 WSOP main event final table. Although he held the honorable second place, coming into the WSOP November Nine final table, he ended up in 6th place, which was a little disappointing for him at the time. His 6th place finish added a whopping $1.8M to his growing bank account.

It remains to be seen if this young player will continue his take off in the skies of poker. In the mean time, you can find him playing online at Full Tilt Poker Room.  


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