The Freeroll tournaments are one of the most enticing tournaments types available in the online poker rooms. Players are allowed to enter for free and the prize money depends on how many entrants participate in the tournament. It gives a chance to anyone to get involved and make some money for nothing. The odds of winning prize money are relatively remote given the high number of participants that each Freeroll tournament lures in but it can be worth it because it is potential free money.

The Freeroll tournaments are an interesting way for the online poker rooms to keep the player involved in the site even if they have no money in their account. It might persuade them to put some money in if they get bored of the endurance required for the Freeroll tournaments and will tempt them into adding $10 to their account to enter a faster or less crowded tournament with more chance of larger cash prizes.

Freeroll tournaments are long, tough and have small reward unless you finish in the top 10 but they are free and in that respect they will remain forever popular. They serve as a great way to practice your tournament skills before hitting the bigger, more lucrative tournaments, that also require a substantial buy-in.

The majority of Freerolls are open to all but there are others that require invitations or a password that appeal to a certain group. For example, student Freerolls are popular, as are loyalty Freerolls which reward players who have a certain amount of points with that particular poker room. 

Here are some examples of the most popular freerolls available online:

PokerStars offers several freeroll tournaments daily that are used as entry to the a weekly freerol with $1K prize pool. The only requirement is to open a new account. 

Titan Poker holds special freeroll tournaments for new players who just made their first deposit. The prize pool for these free tournaments may reach $20,000.

888 Poker offers $25,000 Rewards Freerolls open only to 888 players of certain loyalty statuses. These tournaments offer relatively high prizes. The higher the status of players the higher the rewards. So if you are a player at 888 Poker Room this is definitely something you would want to check.

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