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The iPoker Network is the largest poker network in the world. It includes sites such as Titan Poker. The array of tournaments these sites offer is really expansive and with Titan Poker being the network's largest site the best tournaments can be found there. Here are the best tournaments available to play on the group's sites:

Fort Knox $50,000 Jackpot

This is a sit ‘n’ go tournament where the regular winners are rewarded handsomely for their efforts. As soon as six men are seated the tournament will begin. However, if an individual wins six tables in a row they not only take away their tournament winnings but they also take away the Fort Knox Jackpot prize.

Buy-in for the tournament is $50 + $9 and the jackpot prize grows bigger every week because it is a progressive prize. To encourage people to enter, those who finish 1st or 2nd in six of the tournaments and just narrowly miss out on the jackpot prize, are eligible for a $750 consolation prize. Not bad going for a six man sit ‘n’ go venture.

Dirty Dozen Jackpot

This tournament is a lighter version of the Fort Knox $50,000 Jackpot. This time, 12 man tables are used in a sit ‘n’ go format with the winner of just four consecutive tables walking away with the Dirty Dozen Jackpot prize of $2,000. Entry is just $2 + $0.40 which make it a very appealing tournament to players of all backgrounds and ambitions.

The tournament isn’t as lucrative as the Fort Knox Jackpot but the entry buy-in is lower and the player needs to win less tables in a row to take the jackpot.

Maui Jackpot

This is where the real money is at. Buy-in for these sit ‘n’ go tournaments is $5 + $1 but the pay outs are huge. If a player wins five 10 man sit ‘n’ go tables in a row under this tournament label then that individual can take home a scorching $15,000 jackpot fund.

Considering the buy-in is relatively small, that is not a bad payback for just five potential tables. There is a minor consolation prize of $200 for those who just fall short and finish 1st or 2nd in all five consecutive tournaments. Not as large of a compensation amount as the Fort Knox Jackpot but this tournament isn’t as big time. For the value for money aspect though, this tournament is the best on offer with a reasonably large prize fund for a fairly small buy-in fee.

Rio Jackpot

This tournament is the halfway house between the smaller sit ‘n’ go tournaments and the big Fort Knox $50,000 Jackpot tournament. The prize fund here is $25,000 and to obtain this the successful individual must win six tables in a row with six players at each table. Buy-in is a fairly pricey $20 + $3.50 but for the jackpot and small number of players on each table it is a gamble some might well see as worth taking.

As with the other major tournaments, a small compensation prize of $300 is available to those who finish 1st or 2nd in six tournaments. It’s a big cut from $25,000 but nice to know if you don’t quite make the six victories in a row then there’s a chance of a secondary prize.

The iPoker Network has a superb collection of sites to its name and the tournaments they offer are well worth a look. Other satellite tournaments on offer alongside the ones mentioned above include an APT Macau satellite, GUKPT Blackpool satellite, DeepStack Marrakech satellite and a weekly $200,000 Guaranteed Prizepool tournament every Sunday.

Each site in the iPoker Network has its own regular specials plus offers for regular members and VIP members so it is always an experience to be involved with these sites. The main listed tournaments above are the big name options which are present on the majority of the iPoker Network sites. There is certainly big money to be won all over the place.

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