Governor Christie Set to Veto New Jersey Gambling Bill?

There is confusion mounting over claims that New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is set to veto the New Jersey Gambling Bill that would legalize online gambling in New Jersey. Will he veto or approved the law? 

Rumours have been circulating the political spectrum this week suggesting that New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is set to veto the proposed New Jersey Gambling Bill that would allow online gambling to be approved within the state. It is unconfirmed as to whether or not these whispers are true or not with contradicting reports coming from different camps.

The proposed New Jersey Gambling Bill had been passed through the Senate and was the brain child of Senator Raymond Lesniak and won Senate approval back in November, 2010. It looked certain that despite several negative news stories regarding online gambling activity in America that the approval of this bill would bring some light to what has been a depressing end to 2010 and start to 2011 for the world of gambling. However, claims are being made that Governor Chris Christie is set to defy the Senate’s approval and veto the bill.

Initially, it was assumed that Governor Christie would approve the bill to increase revenue for the state and decrease the financial deficit. The fact the Governor is a Republican is seemingly evidence enough to suggest that he will actually go against the bill’s introduction which would echo the Republican party’s stance on legalizing online gambling.

Another issue thought to be affecting his decision is the position of Caesar’s. Caesar’s owns roughly 40 casinos in the entire of America and have an intention to launch a major campaign to have the UIGEA Law eradicated to allow internet gambling all over the United States to become legalized. Caesar’s feels that this would create far more revenue than restricting online activity to New Jersey.

On a larger but more played down scale is talk that Governor Christie has not ruled out running in the Presidential election in 2012. Backing a bill that supports online gambling would not be very productive for his election campaign considering he would be looking to win over the Republican voters in order to lead the party.

Whatever the outcome of Governor Christie’s decision it is certainly going to have a massive impact on the face of gambling in Atlantic City and America. The window of opportunity to veto the bill stands until 3rd March, 2011. What will happen is anybody’s guess. It could be that only Governor Christie knows what the final decision will be.

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