New Online Gambling Legislation Initiated in Iowa

This week, Governor Christie will decide whether or not the state of New Jersey will approve the introduction of an online gambling bill that will allow companies operating within New Jersey State to set up sites and partake in internet gaming ventures. The decision is still unconfirmed with Governor Christie choosing to wait until the deadline on 3rd March, 2011 to announce the verdict.

Meanwhile, in Iowa, legislation is being initiated to attempt to follow in the footsteps of New Jersey. The state’s legislators realize the financial benefits of introducing a regulated online gambling bill and is making efforts to push a bill through. Many feel that Governor Christie’s decision could also determine the fate of the Iowa legislation. Approval could pave the way for Iowa to regulate internet gaming but rejection could also seal its fate. After a failure last year to instigate such regulation, another failed effort would surely end all hope for the foreseeable future for the state to regulate online gambling.

A bill would have to be passed to the state Senate to seek approval. It would then need to be approved by the state’s Governor, in this case Republican Terry Branstad. The fact Governor Branstad is a Republican means that Iowa might find it hard to have such a bill granted given the Republicans’ introduction of the UIGEA Law in 2006. However, if Governor Christie, also a Republican, approves the bill for New Jersey, then who knows what decision Governor Branstad would make. Governor Christie’s decision will have wider implications that will affect more than just New Jersey’s interests. 

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